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Signature Hand Wash

- Sit back and relax, while your car is throughly and delicately hand washed

- Premium car shampoo with clean microfiber wash pads are used

- Wheel faces, barrel and wheel well are washed with a dedicated set of wheel brushes and mitts. Tires will be given a nice no-sling tire gloss

- The interior gets a thorough vacuum. All interior panels (rubber floor mats pressure washed) will be wiped and cleaned

- Finally, a quick quality control check of exterior to make sure vehicle looks perfect

Additional Services

- Mobile Signature Hand Wash: Same Signature Hand Wash at the convenience of your own home. 

- Spray Wax, Natural Hand Wax and Synthetic Sealant available upon request  (for additional cost)



- Steam clean seats, floors, carpets, dash, doors. Dress seats, dash and doors. Clean glass

-Leather seat conditioning treatment (with Leatherique)

*Engine Cleaning also available

Advanced Detailing

1-Step Machine Polishing: To remove small imperfections and swirls, gives paint amazing shine

2-Step Machine Compound & Polishing: To removed deeper imperfections, scratches, restores to showroom shine

* All machine polishing includes paint decontamination (iron fallout remover and/or clay treatment)

Ceramic Coating Application

Ultimate protection (last 2-3 years), spectacular gloss, and future car washing easy

Cars $60  |  Mid-Size $80  | Over-Sized $90



I took my personal passion for keeping my cars super clean and decided to make a business out of it. For many years I would struggle to find a place that would take as good of care as I would at home. Some places would just either not clean well enough or they would not clean safe enough. I would not go to a place that had bad washing techniques (old dirty mitts, using same mitts on paint and on wheels, nameless products, uninviting facilities, etc). 

I follow the latest and safest car detailing techniques. To ensure that not only is your car cleaned, but that no damage to paint is intruduced during the cleaning process.





Tue - Sun 7am - 10 pm

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